Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas ~ Fall Edition!

Buy everything for the kitchen here Healthy Breakfast Ideas ~ Fall Edition! its time to make some simple, easy, and healthy breakfast recipes for Fall! these recipes are perfect for school (you can make them in advance or the morning of if you have time!) I hope all the food inspires you to get cooking! 😉 xx Cambria Joy

How to Make Mongolian BBQ at Home (如何料理蒙古烤肉)

Buy everything for the kitchen here It took several outtakes, many re-dos and battling giggle fits to get this video made but we finally managed to finish it! Our very own Mrs. Lin was very nervous in front of the camera, knowing many people will be seeing her but she managed to get over her nervousness to bring what you see now! Of course we managed to save that footage and put it in the end as well so we can all enjoy how fun she is and appreciate the hard work it took to produce this YouTube video.